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Halloween Cookie Cutter Set, 11 Piece, Stainless Steel

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Looking for Premium Stainless Steel cookie cutters that will last a lifetime? Then you have come to the right place!

Don't waste your time with flimsy cheap tin plated steel cookie cutters that rust and need replaced every year. Our metal cookie cutters are made from high quality food grade stainless steel with top quality construction. The best feature is you Don't have to worry about corrosion over time. In addition, these sturdy cookie cutters have a variety of other uses besides cutting sweet pastries for the oven. They work great on fruit, sandwiches, cheese, pancakes, crafts, clay and the list goes on and on. The kids also love them because they come in a variety of cool shapes and are used to create yummy treats!

About Us
The Sweet Cookie Crumbs brand started out as a small fun family business based in Missouri. Our kids love cookies and we enjoy making them. There's nothing better than the aroma of fresh baked cookies on a Saturday afternoon. The kids especially enjoyed the various shapes and sizes available. As we continued to accumulate more exciting shapes, our business grew. Soon we were manufacturing our own custom shapes. The news spread and now we now ship cookie cutters all around the world. We provide the best quality cutters at a competitive price!

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Product Details
Horned Owl: 2.7" tall x 2.6'' wide x 0.8" deep
Pumpkin: 3.2" tall x 3.2" wide x 1" deep
Scared Cat: 2.5" tall x 3'' wide x 1" deep
Skull & Crossbones: 3.3" tall x 3.3" wide x 1" deep
Tombstone: 4.2" tall x 2.4" wide x 1" deep
Ghost: 3.1" tall x 2.8'' wide x 1" deep
Moon: 3.2" tall x 1.8'' wide x 1.0" deep
Small Bat: 1.5" tall x 3.6'' wide x 1" deep
Spider Web Frame: 3.6" tall x 3.6'' wide x 1" deep
Coffin: 3" tall x 1.6" wide x 1" deep
Large Bat: 3" tall x 3.5'' wide x 1" deep

All stainless steel cookie cutter are Dishwasher Safe and will last a lifetime!

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Shipping transit times are typically 3-4 days.

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