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Fluffy Owl Cookie Cutter - Stainless Steel

This is our lovely fluffy own cookie cutter! Hoo, hoo, hoo! Have you ever heard that song about 10 little owls that were sitting on the branch, high up in the tree? First there was just an owl and then one by one came flying by and was invited to join in.
And they gathered up all nicely on the branch and talked and sang and danced and had all sorts of fun together! Grab one of our Fluffy Owl cookie cutters, make these cute owls and you will see the cookies one by one disappearing before your eyes within seconds after being done until they're OWL gone!

* Size: 3.4" tall x 3.0'' wide x 0.8" deep
* Material: Stainless Steel
* Dishwasher Safe

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