About Us

Thanks for visiting us at Sweet Cookie Crumbs!  Probably the reason you're visiting us is because you love cookies much the same as we do.  As children, my husband and I have fond memories of fresh baked cookies warming our bellies and our hearts.  Now we have children of our own and we love to create the same memories for our kids!  There is nothing better than seeing the joy on a child's face!  So, we decided to start a business around something we love!  Now we can help bring joy to your child's face too!

Since both my husband and I have jobs like most folks, we run a small part time operation that is quickly growing.  My husband handles the website and logistics and I get to have fun baking cookies and taking pictures. We plan to continue expanding our product selection and hope to introduce several new designs every month.  But we don't want to offer just any designs, we want to provide a quality product that is useful and adds beauty to your kitchen.

While most websites are offering cheap cookie cutters made of tin or plastic, we decided to only offer unique high quality stainless steel or copper cookie cutters that won't corrode over time.  It's better to invest in a tool that will last a lifetime versus buying the cheap stuff.  We guarantee our products and if you're not happy, we'll refund your money.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us!  We appreciate your business.

Natalia, Kelly & Family