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Santa Claus Cookie Cutter - Stainless Steel

We are thrilled to present Santa Claus Cookie Cutter! Ho ho ho! Santa Claus is coming to town and what better way to welcome him into your home than with some warm home made cookies! Gather around your kids and grab one of the season's must haves - a Santa Claus Cookie Cutter to easily make a familiar face and beard! The kids that were good the whole year will get presents under the Christmas tree and have all the cookies and milk they want, while the kids that were naughty will get only - socks! Oh well, it's Christmas, maybe they can try one or two if they help with the baking!

* Size: 3.1" tall x 2.3'' wide x 1.0" deep
* Material: Stainless Steel
* Dishwasher Safe

Orders are shipped daily from Kansas City, MO 
Shipping transit times are typically 3-4 days.

UPC: 678021563233

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