December 23, 2017

Who would have dreamed that cookie cutters could be this handy? Even though making cookies is the most common way to use a cookie cutter, they can be used in so many creative and imaginative ways. 

For Eggs. 

Use cookie cutters in various shapes to make eggs that are enticing.  These cookie cutters from Sweet Cookie Crumbs can make your eggs more exciting to eat. It could be a shape of a heart, round frames, star, or a cartoon character!

As Christmas ornaments. 

Just cut out and bake your desired cookie in spirited Christmas shapes and make a small hole in the top of the cookie to where the ribbon inserts.  Let it dry and put the ribbon, afterward, you can put to the Christmas tree and make it as an ornament!


As candle forms. 

If you like to make Christmas candles, use cookie cutters as a form.  Cover a sheet pan with parchment paper and add a small candlewick in the center. Heat the wax and let it cool slightly and then pour the wax while pressing down on the cookie cutter. Allow it to cool for a bit and remove the cutter.  And there you, your super awesome candlelight for Christmas!!


For a Baby Shower. 

Make some cookies that you have cut into the shape of a onesie with a cookie cutter from Sweet Cookie Crumbs and put some icing on top of it that has a color of blue or pink. Make it the most memorable baby showers you have!

Pastry Stars for the slumber party. 

Use the Sweet Cookie Crumbs cutters to make pastry stars and then add them to your dessert table. Design it with your desirable designs. It could be a star with a face or a star with different colors. They make a great mood setter for a slumber party.


Melon cutters.  

Don’t just make melon balls. That is kinda mainstream for a party. You can cut your watermelons using cookie cutters to make interesting shapes for your house party.

As soap molds. 

Too bored to use a soap with the same shape every day? Well, you can decorate your soap using cookie cutters. Cut your soap into your favorite shapes.


Gift Wrappers Design. 

Everyone will love this. Wrap your present using plain papers and then dip cookie cutters into paint and press on the paper and color the center to make it a full colored shape and let it dry. There you go, your DIY gift wrappers.


You can do many things with a cookie cutter, just have to pull out your inner creative skills to make some! You can do it, be keen to your surrounding and think about it. Enjoy!

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