May 05, 2018

One of the most attractive creatures on Earth is a butterfly. Whenever it flies, nobody can resist looking from its alluring wings expanding—mimicking the diverse colors of the horizon. People are so fascinated with butterflies that they learned to pair them up with life’s other majestic things like love. When people are in love, they figuratively say that they have butterflies in their stomachs. They feel this certain kind of giddiness whenever they are with someone who intensifies the impulses of their hearts, making them race faster than they should.

But greater than just being a part of a figurative thought, butterflies could be eaten—of course not the ones you see flying outside which is quite ridiculous and forbidden by the gods of nature. You could have them in your stomachs in the form of sugar cookies which would be shown to you below.

Things needed:

  • Icing colors: white, black, yellow

  • Piping bags or decorating bottles with #2 tips

  • Black food gel color

  • Paintbrushes

  • Airbrush gun with orange and yellow airbrush color


  1. Using your favorite sugar cookie recipe, start creating the mixture and bake. if you haven't had the perfects butterfly shape, you could purchase a butterfly cookie cutter here.
  2. Get the white icing and create an outline of the wings first before flooding them.
  3. In making the butterfly’s base, slightly airbrush the wings with yellow then make an outline at the edge using orange.
  4. Airbrush the entire wing with orange but make sure not to spray heavily on the part colored with yellow. The thin layer of orange would create an illusion of a see-through wing.

Painting of the Wings

Now moving on to the most OC part, painting is quite done meticulously. You need to have the right set of brushes. Think like you are an artist painting on cookies instead of canvasses. Artists use brushes of different sizes based on what detail they want to work on. If you aren’t sure which type to use, you could try experimenting first with inexpensive paintbrushes you could buy at a local store.

  1. To start, add a drop of water to a small amount of black food gel. Load your brush.
  2. Draw a black outline on the wings.
  3. Get a wider a brush and paint in between spaces of the black food gel lines. Continue until all spaces of the wings are covered.
  4. Make sure not to forget the cookie’s edges. Once their outlines are already thick, use the brush’s tip to make the inside a little rough to make them more realistic. A real butterfly’s wing doesn’t look straight and smooth.
  5. Draw the lines inside the wings. Remember to draw one line at a time. On the bottom wing, make a tear-drop that’s quite shaped like a square.
  6. From the teardrop, draw lines connecting to the thick black line. Just continue doing it at the bottom wing until you reach your way onto the top.
  7. On the top wing, create an open oval and make a few lines from there to the thick black line.
  8. You don’t just attach the lines. You also need to make sure that the orange sections are shaped in ovals. Do this by drawing a triangle on each intersection of the thick and thin line.
  9. Using a thicker brush, paint a thick line at the top of the wing.
  10. Repeat the steps on the other wing.
  11. Create a few white dots at the edge with spaces in between.
  12. Add yellow dots between the white dots.

Painting the Body

  1. To make the head, just make a black dot. Pop any air bubbles using a toothpick or turkey lacer. Let it dry.
  2. Pipe some black icing on the body by making dots or a solid straight line.

You could now say that you literally have butterflies in your stomach. Share them with your family and friends as your little own way to spread the love. Don’t hesitate to leave some of your comments!

Decorate cookies with love!

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