April 18, 2018

‘Ball is life’—This is the favorite tagline of every fan who either loves to play or watch the all-time favorite sport that is basketball. They tune in to the latest trends and updates of which team has conquered or lost the ring. Almost everyone loves this game that you can see them play it anytime and anywhere as long as there is a free space with a hanging ring. To turn this fitness addiction into a treat and make the avid fans in the house happy, here is a recipe on how to create simple basketball cookies that you could share with everyone.

Tools and Equipment Needed:
  • Circle Cookie Cutter- What’s great about this recipe is that you don’t need to have fancy cookie cutters with different shapes and corners. All you need is a circle one, of any size that you prefer, to make some basketballs. This one’s a basic cookie cutter shape, so if you still don’t have this in your kitchen, you could buy it here with us.
  • Icing Colors-To make it more realistic, you should produce a color that resembles the actual basketball's. Unfortunately, it is hard to look for an exact alike. If you couldn’t find any shade that looks exactly the basketball’s, then you could instead mix together Lemon Yellow, Orange food gel color, and little Tulip red. If you want a darker shade, add a tiny amount of chocolate brown food color. Of course, you need black for the ball lines.
  • Turkey Lacer or toothpick- This is used to smoothen the icing by popping air bubbles. If you don’t have a turkey lacer, improvise by using a toothpick.
  • Tipless Decorating Bags
1. Bake using your favorite sugar cookie recipe. There are a lot of easy baking recipes online that you could choose from. Bake as many as you needed.
2. Preheat oven to 350°F.
3. Cut circle shapes using the cookie cutter and position them on a baking sheet.
4. Bake until light brown or approximately 11 minutes.
5. Once done, let the cookies cool completely first before decorating.
6. Place the orange- and black-colored icings on their respective decorating bags.
7. Using the orange icing, make an outline around the cookie then flood the inner space until well-filled. You can wait for the outline to dry before filling the inside or flood it as soon as you finish the outline. Just be careful if you wish to flood the cookie immediately because icing tends to fall at the edge.
8. Use the toothpick or turkey laser to pop any air bubbles.
9. Let the icing dry completely. This usually takes at least 4 hours.
10. Get the black icing and start making the black lines of the basketball.
11. Dry the cookies completely first before serving or packaging.

There you have it—your simple basketball cookies! You now have a treat for your kids after playing basketball, or a snack while watching your favorite sports either live or on-screen. These cookie balls are literally food for life. If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to write it down below.

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