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Cookie cutters are close to a baker’s heart. They could make dull sugar cookies to anything that your imagination suggests! A favorite character, icon, sport, animal—name it and it will be made. Because cookie cutters are pretty much doing a great job in transforming cookies to great ones, they deserve to be provided with the right ounces of care.

As someone who owns cookie cutters, especially if you already have huge collections that you barely use in the kitchen cabinet, knowing how to dry them properly is important. Admit it that after all the baking and decorating, you tend to get lazy sometimes that you leave your cutters in a sink with water, hoping that it will clean on its own. But to tell you honestly, this is a big no-no because the possibility for it to become unusable is much higher than the actual intention of removing stains. The cutters, especially the inner area, could get rusty  if you have been doing this misleading routine for quite some time. Though you will not experience this problem in plastic cutters, stainless cookie cutters are more preferred by bakers as they could cut sugar cookies accurately.

So to save your little cutie cutters from the ugly spots, here are the steps on how to dry them:

1. Wash the baking sheet and the cutters immediately once they are cool enough when you removed them from the oven.

2. Put the clean cookie cutters on the washed baking sheet.

3. Once turned off, the post-baking temperature of the oven usually ranges between 150 to 200 degrees F. Place the baking sheet and cutters inside the oven while it’s off. This is warming by convection by allowing the oven’s air dry the baking sheets and cutters. While decorating your cookies with icing, you could leave them there. Once you are done, expect that your cutters are dry as well. By the way, this is only applicable to cutters made of stainless steel. Never do this with plastic cutters. No one puts plastic in the oven. Aside from getting melted, they might cause some safety issues.

4. Take the baking sheet and cutters out. You will be surprised how dry and spotless they are.

In case unfortunate circumstances arise that your cutters already have rusty spots that seem irremovable, here is the trick:

1. All you need is scrub sponge, baking soda, and a huge elbow grease.

2. Scrub vigorously. You need to apply as much force as possible to remove the stain. Some could be difficult if they were already there for a long time. Do it continuously until the stains are gone.

3. Wash and air dry, or do the above mentioned steps if you have just finished baking.

Alas! Your cookie cutters will be good as new—shiny and stainless! But of course, you could keep yourself from experiencing all the hassles and frustrations brought by rusty cookie cutters when you clean and dry them properly in the first place. Caring is better than saving. For any comments and suggestions, you are free to be heard.

Let’s take care of our cookie cutters together!

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Marie Werle
Marie Werle

June 07, 2019

Thank you for the great drying tip! I a new to your site and am just beginning my cookie cutter collection. I am happy to have found Stainless Steel and American made products.

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