April 16, 2018

Who would have never wanted cookies shaped like their own favorite cartoon characters? No one, right? If they refuse to, most probably it's because these cookies are too cute to be digested. It's quite amusing how these adorable cookies were made, isn't it? Though the process is not as easy as 123, achieving your cookie's perfect look is not impossible. You could cover cookies with fondant, marshmallows, rainbow sprinkles, and chocolate lava, and the list goes on wherever your imagination could take you! But for now, the tips would be about decorating cookies with icing.

1. Ensure That The Consistency Is Right
One of the most frustrating things you could experience in decorating using flood icing is when you apply them but they don't seem to appear the way you wanted them to be. In short your icing's consistency is incorrect. So to prevent this baking lapse, you could try to use the ten seconds rule.

To check, drag a butter knife on the icing's surface and count 1 to 10. If the icing appears smooth within five to ten seconds, then it is just right. But if it took longer than 10, it means that the icing is too thick. In such case, just add some water. Meanwhile, smoothing in less than five shows that it is too runny. As a remedy, mix it continuously while adding more sifted sugar. Expect for it to magically thicken afterwards.

2. Use The Right Size Of Piping Tip
For outlining and filling, use tip no. 2. Use tip no. 1 and tips nos. 3 or 4 for small and large cookies respectively.

3. Practice Makes Perfect
On a parchment paper, practice first the design that you wanted to create before applying them directly to your cookies. Don't be afraid to be imaginative and make some errors. At least if you have messed up on the parchment paper, you won't be messing anymore with the cookie itself. Playing around with the piping actually improves your designing skills. If you have extra cookies or those that were not baked as good as the others, then you could try decorating them first as mistakes on such won't even matter.

4. Proper Hand Control
Outlining cookies challenges your fine motor skills. Hold the piping bag approximately a centimeter away from the cookie. In such way, the icing will fall just right onto the surface and you would have maximum piping control.

5. Don't Decorate With Shaky Hands
Shaky hands might ruin a steady and concentrated piping. Rest first your hands until they are relaxed before you start decorating.

6. Remove the Bumps
If you notice any bumps after applying the icing, you could shake the cookie gently to remove them. This would make the surface even.

7. Pop Small Air Bubbles
Air bubbles, though small, might ruin the entire design as they create little holes when they pop on their own. To prevent this, be the one to get rid of them by simply popping them out immediately with a toothpick.

These are just a few tips on how to decorate your cookies with flood icing. Hope that they could help you ease those ice decorating frustrations you have been experiencing since then. If you have any personal suggestions, feel free to comment them. We would be happy to add them to the list!

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