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May 26, 2018

One of the impossible things to do is to bake without any tools. Like the pen of a writer, a hammer of a carpenter, or a stethoscope of a doctor, a baker could never create fresh and aromatic pastries without any of these:

Quality Cookie Sheets

They should not just be cookie sheets, but quality cookie sheets! Little did you know that your sheet’s material and color have a lot of effect on how your cookie would turn out. Thin sheets might burn the cookie bottoms, whereas, dark metals tend to overbake the goods. Just get the medium-thick and silver metal sheets. Remember not to place cookie doughs on hot baking sheets. It’s better to own a few sheets for cookie doughs you want to cool at room temperature.

Silicone Baking Mats

Sheets and mats are partners in crime. Mats, when coated on a sheet with a butter or nonstick spray, spread the cookie with a greasy foundation. You could buy 11x16 inch to have a good grip on the bottom. This prevents the cookies from overspreading and promotes even browning.

Sharp Cookie Cutters

And for the most creative part, unleash your borderless imagination with cookie cutters. You would love how you transform your dull dough to baked cookies in different shapes and sizes. Kids would surely won’t get enough eating these cartoon-like cookies. But you should also know you should not spend a luxury of buying any random cookie cutters just because of its design. Above how the way the cutter is shaped, you should foremost consider its quality--sharp and sturdy as these qualities would give you an accurate cut. If you are yet to buy your first cookie cutter, it is recommended to buy a round cookie cutter. It would squeeze your brain’s creative juices as it allows you to make any round designs that you want.

Quality Measuring Cups

The most important thing to consider in owning measuring cups is the availability of a wide range of varying measurements--the one that includes a 1/8 cup or equivalent to 2 tablespoons. This is a measurement used often but is rarely available. If you would be lucky to have one, then baking recipes with 1/8 measurements would be very convenient. Make sure also to get easy-grip cups that are either made up of plastic or stainless steel.

Stand Mixer

Though there are hand mixers available, you still cannot deny that stand mixers could help you do the job more conveniently and quickly. You do not only save time and energy by switching to stand mixers, but you also combine ingredients much more smoothly.

Cookie Carrier

This is a must-have if you are going to travel and pack some goodies for snacks. If you are going to carry batches of cookies for parties, sharing with friends and families, bake sales, or treat with your workmates, you need this to transport your cookies safely to your destination. Cookies will not surely fall out when the lids are removed.

Now that you have these basic tools for baking cookies, you could now head on to the kitchen with all the other ingredients of your favorite sugar cookie recipe and start baking! Having these, you are now a writer with a pen and a carpenter with a hammer, ready to create a masterpiece.

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