April 09, 2018

If you think that cookie cutters are only meant to create different sorts of adorable shapes, then you better think again. Cookie cutters could be used beyond the corners of the kitchen and the realms of its deemed purpose. You would be surprised that you could use them for the following:

1. Design Bag Tags
Instead of using papers, plastics, or cartons, you can create bag tags out of bake-able clay. Aside from being relatively cheaper when you make your own bag tags instead of spending too much for different designs, you could also try to start making money out of it too! Teenagers or kids at school would certainly love to have personalized tags on their bags. 

2. Create Ornaments
If you are looking for new home decoration ideas, why not try to make some new ornaments out of clay? Your cabinet or cupboard might need a little makeover. Cut whatever shape you think that fits the design of the room. Just don't forget to make a hole on top for the string.

3. Reshape a Popsicle
Aside from trying to ease the heat every summer through a taste of a popsicle, you could also be creative on creating them with various shapes through cookie cutters.

4. Form Cracker Crumb Stars For Independence Day
If there are cookies for Valentine's, Christmas, and St. Patrick's days, you could also make star crumbs for the Fourth of July! Happy Independence Day! 

5. Make Candles
It's time to make candle-making fun! Using honey wax, reshape candles on how the way you want them. It is also a fun activity for your kids where the product of their play could be used in the future whenever you need to light some candles.

6. String Together To Make a Wreath
If you have cookie cutters you don't use anymore, instead of throwing them away, you can make a wreath out of them. By doing this, you have decluttered your kitchen and at the same time made another attractive display for your house.

7. Cut Some Cheese
For cheese lovers out there, here is a creative way to eat your ultimate favorite. Instead of just slicing them like how they used to be, you could shape stars, bears, and anything under the sky through the use of your handy cookie cutters.

8. Use As Picture Frames
Some cutters are quite big enough to fit a wallet-size photo. Instead of buying new ones, you could use these old cutters as picture frames. You don't only save money, but you would also have a unique frame display for your precious photographs!

9. Shape Fruits In Your Salad
Fruit salads will never be the same again when you cut them into cute shapes. It is the perfect dessert for all occasions especially when big families gather to celebrate. Kids who are not fond of eating fruits might become persuaded when they see a bowl of melons and berries disguised as stars and hearts.

10. Use As A Bird-Seeder
If you have birds at home and buying a seeder is a bit pricey, well you could just make one on your own through your unused cookie cutters. You could just cover the bottom part, fill it up with bird food, and let the cutter handle the rest.

Cookie cutters, by their names, don't mean they are only good for cutting cookies. if you would just be thinking outside the box, you will realize that they are more than just what they were ought to be. They don't just make your cookie look good, but also be useful for other means of non-food related beautification. 

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